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Emerging Technologies
The use of emerging technologies is essential for quitlines to stay current and to improve service to a range of clients, increase reach, program retention and appeal and to address budget concerns. Resources in this section address the use of web and phone-based technologies such as texting, chatting, video, interactive voice response (IVR), Click-to-Call and other technologies as they become available.
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Emerging Technologies

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Increasing Reach of Tobacco Cessation Quitlines  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
NAQC Issue Papers  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quality Improvement Initiative: TA Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Basics: Telephone-Based Cessation Serv. Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Basics: Telephone-Based Cessation Serv. 2 Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Web-based Services  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Fundamentals of Call Center Staffing and Tech. Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Call Center Metrics Glossary of Terms  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quality Imp. Initiative: Service Offerings IP Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Are innovations in web and phone technology  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Web-Assisted Tobacco Interventions (WATI): Future Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Webinar: New Technologies: Texting, Chatting  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
2009 Survey final results (highlights): PowerPoint Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
2009 Survey final results (full report): PP Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Research Agenda  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Evidence for Quitline Pratices  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Evidence for Quitline Practices by Category  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Cochrane Review: Mobile Phone-based Interventions  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Monthly Research Call Archive (NAQC Web page)  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Web-Assisted Tobacco Interventions: Recent Rsrch Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Improving Adherence to Web-Based Cess. Programs Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Incorporating Social Media Technologies into Cess. Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
2012/2013 Webinar Series  Link Administration 11/10/2012
2012/2013 Webinar Series Archive Link Administration 11/10/2012
20th Anniversary Blog  Link Administration 11/10/2012
Conference poster page  Link Administration 11/10/2012
Service offerings issue paper Link Administration 11/10/2012
The Global Quitline Network (GQN) Link Administration 11/11/2012
Executive Summary: Quitline Service Offering Model Link Administration 12/11/2012
Recomm for Research: Quitline Service Offering Mod Link Administration 12/11/2012
Options Table: Quitline Service Offering Models Link Administration 12/11/2012
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