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Quitline Services
This section includes information about all the different types of services quitlines provide ranging from telephone counseling, nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), cessation medications, Web-based servicesemerging technologies and services for priority populations. Also included is information about addressing tobacco cessation in behavioral health settings.
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Quitline Services

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
To Tailor or Not to Tailor: Priority Populations Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Designing and Imp. QLs Protocols for Pregnant Wom. Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
A Profile of Reach and Services in 2005 Across NA Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Quality Imp. Initiative: Service Offerings IP Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
ALA: State Tobacco Cessation Coverage Database  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Cessation Medications and Quitlines Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Fourth Quality Improvement Topic: Hearing Feedback Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Serving Callers with Psychiatric Conditions Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Working with Medicaid: What Quitlines Have Learned Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Preparing for Graphic Health Warning Labels Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Quitline Progs Link  more ] Administration 4/26/2012
Free and Discounted Cessation Medication  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Map Landing Page Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quality Improvement Initiative Training Resources  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Specialized Materials  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
What is a Quitline? (Fact Sheet)  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Web-based Services  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Hours of Operation  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
A Framework for Improving Tobacco Quitline Quality Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
What is a Quitline (Web page) Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Map  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Facts: FAQs from the 2006 Annual Survey  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
All Quitline Facts: Overview of NAQC 2008 Survey Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Fiscal Year 2008 NAQC Annual Survey (Web page) Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Fiscal Year 2009 NAQC Annual Survey Landing Page  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Fiscal Year 2010 NAQC Annual Survey Landing Page  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Facts (NAQC Web Page)  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Who Calls Quitlines in the United States? (FS) Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Basics: Telephone-Based Cessation Serv. 2 Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Quitline Basics: Telephone-Based Cessation Serv. Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Integration of Tobacco Cessation Medications  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
All Quitline Facts: Overview of NAQC 2009 Survey Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
Canadian Quitline Profiles  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
USA Quitline Profiles  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
NAQC Issue Papers  Link  more ] Administration 4/24/2012
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