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NAQC Newsroom: Tobacco Control

Help Knock Tobacco Out of the Park

Wednesday, May 25, 2011  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

NAQC is a supporter of Tobacco Free Baseball, a public health campaign that is attempting to convince major league baseball and the players association to ban the use of smokeless tobacco in major league baseball. We encourage members to consider supporting this campaign. Information from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids about the campaign and how to join is provided below:

As you probably know, the Campaign is one of 10 public health groups trying to knock tobacco out of the park by convincing Major League Baseball and the Players Association to agree to a ban on the use of smokeless tobacco in major league baseball – on the field and in the dugout. The campaign has gotten the attention of the owners and players, as well as the media, but we need to continue to demonstrate broad public support for getting tobacco out of baseball.

To that end, we are asking national, state, and local groups to sign up as supporters of the campaign. We want hundreds, if not thousands, of local, state, and national groups to express their support by simply agreeing to be listed as a supporter of Knock Tobacco Out of the Park on the campaign website:

We don't expect this to take a much of your time at all, but there are several ways you can help:

· Sign up your state tobacco control program or organization and/or your state health department as a supporter simply by sending an e-mail to Elizabeth Orlan here at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids at expressing your desire to be listed as a supporter and how you'd like to be listed. All we need is the following in an e-mail.

Please sign my organization up as a supporter of Tobacco-Free Baseball.

Name of Organization:

Location (city/state) of Organization:

We would also ask you to spread the word to other organizations, who can also contact Elizabeth to get signed up:

· Ask other partner organizations interested in the issue to join as supporters.

· If you are a state tobacco control program, encourage your local programs to become supporters and to recruit members of their community (health, business, other local entities) to sign on to the campaign. Feel free to simply forward this e-mail to your local programs or other partners.

· You and your local programs can try to get local youth baseball organizations to sign on as supporters of the campaign. For example, local programs can contact their local Little League Baseball affiliate as outlined below and ask them to become a supporter:

How to contact your local Little League teams:

1. Enter your zip code here:,2,3,4,5

2. Click on your town to send an email to your town's league. Sometimes, there will be a website for your town's little league, which may have either a phone number or an email for the local Little League chapter.

3. Contact your town's Little League and ask if their league and town can be listed as supporting the Knock Tobacco Out of the Park, a campaign to get Major League Baseball to ban all tobacco use on the field and in the dugout.

**In some cases, your town's Little League may not be listed, or contact information may not be available on the eteamz websites. Please use local channels, neighbors and friends to find out how to contact your local Little League or whatever organization your local youth baseball program is affiliated with (e.g., Babe Ruth Baseball).


Please sign my organization up as a supporter of Tobacco-Free Baseball.

Name of Organization:

Location (city/state) of Organization:

As you may know, the contract negotiated this year will last for five seasons. If we are not successful this year, we will have a long wait before we can tackle this again. Each additional organization that signs on increases the pressure on the players' union and the owners to do what's right.

I hope to see your organization on our list of supporters soon – thank you. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Elizabeth or give her a call at 202-481-9360.

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