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Speaker Details

Tasha Moses, Program Manager,

Natalia Gromov, Administrative Coordinator,

Speaker Action Items & Due Dates




Register for the NAQC Conference Registration link -



The rate for NAQC Members and speakers/moderators is $365. This fee allows you to attend all workshops and sessions at the conference and includes refreshments and lunches on both days as well as a ticket to the reception on Monday evening, March 20th.

Submit brief biography


Biography should be 3-4 sentences max. Pictures are not necessary but welcomed.

Make yourhotel reservations as soon as possible. Speakers and Moderators are responsible for their own hotel travel arrangements.


This is the deadline to receive the Conference Rate. The hotel WILL sell out. After this date, you are not guaranteed the conference rate.

Participate in your session’splanning conference calls with your moderator


These calls will be scheduled by your session’s moderator. Further details will be sent regarding this information.

Submit theFINAL VERSION of your PowerPoint Presentation, if applicable, to

March 6th

Please review Slide Format instructions below.




Submit a short biography (brief summary) to The bio will appear on the NAQC website as a reference for attendees. The bio will also be used by your moderator for introduction. Please be sure your bio is in a complete sentence/summary format, not a resume format. Your moderator needs to be able to read or summarize your experience when introducing you.

Session Coordination

Session presenters should work with their moderators and panelists participating in the same session to coordinate a conference call prior to the conference. This will provide all presenters an opportunity to coordinate presentation format and timing, get a feel for the moderator and hear what others within your session are discussing or how they are approaching the topic. This conference call is important and it is suggested that you attempt to make yourself available if possible.

PowerPoint Presentation General Information

All FINAL PowerPoint Presentations in PowerPoint format should be submitted to by March 6, 2017. Please adhere to the following requests:

  • Use larger than normal fonts. Try to use 16 point font size or larger.
  • If you cannot fit everything you want onto one slide – break it up into two slides or get rid of text!  Don't jam it all into one slide that will be hard to read for those in the room...or a slide that you will have to preface by saying "I know you can't see this, but…".
  • Please save your Presentation as LastName_FirstName.ppt (or pptx)
  • Always bring a back up of all files with you.
  • If you wish to bring handouts for your presentation, please bring them to the meeting room the day of the presentation.

PowerPoint Template and Slide Format

In earlier versions of PowerPoint, slides were more square (4:3). The default slide size in PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016 is widescreen (16:9). Please do not use audio and video capabilities in your PowerPoint.

The slide size format for this meeting is Widescreen (16:9 ratio).  

We are using this format - PowerPoint version 2013 and newer now defaults the slide to Widescreen format (16:9 ratio).  

We are NOT using this format - PowerPoint 2010 and previous versions, since the beginning of time use a square format (4:3 ratio).  

If you build your presentation using the old format, your presentation will have black bars on the left and right of your presentation on the screen as shown in the image below.

This means – if you are using PowerPoint 2010 or earlier, you will need to find your Page Setup and change the slide size to widescreen 16:9.

Meeting Room Logistics

There are three session rooms that will be equipped with a screen, projector, podium, computer, microphones. Other details include:

  • All slides will be loaded onto an NAQC computer on-site and presenters will advance slides via a remote control or the computer, depending on the conference and/or room.
  • Your slides will be reviewed and tested prior to your arrival, assuming you have submitted them on time.
  • If you are a moderator – you are basically free of technical responsibility, unless of course you have slides. Moderators are expected to adhere to the same presentation deadlines as speakers. 
  • Question and Answer is typically held to the end of the session, although each session is different and this is usually decided in the Session Planning calls with your other panel member(s).
  • Session times will vary with some being 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. We recommend all presenters discuss and coordinate with their panelists to ensure you have time allocated for the presentation and questions. As a rule of thumb, we recommend saving at least 10 minutes for questions.  
  • All presentations are converted to PDF and posted on the NAQC website within 10 days of the conference. Please notify NAQC if you do not want your presentation public OR if you would like to make adjustments before it is posted.

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