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Invitation for Quitlines to Participate in Pilot Study on Integration of Lung Cancer Screening Educa

Tuesday, December 1, 2015  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov
Investigator: Dan Raz, MD
Close to 30 percent of all cancer deaths are due to lung cancer. Lung cancer screening (LCS) with low dose radiation computed tomography (LDCT) substantially reduces lung cancer mortality. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) guidelines recommend LCS in high risk patients. The USPSTF recommends screening current and former smokers aged 55-80 who have smoked >30 pack-years, and who quit within 15 years if a former smoker. While no data exist specifically on the proportion of high risk people who undergo LCS, Pinsky and colleagues estimated, using National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) criteria, that 6.2% of adults over age 40 would be eligible for screening. Yet a poll of LCS centers reported in 2013 found that the median number of patients screened per center was only 10. A number of barriers to utilization of LCS in high risk patients exist.

To better engage smokers who would benefit in LCS, Dr. Dan Raz and colleagues are conducting a pilot study. The pilot study will involve a survey of smokers calling a tobacco cessation quitline regarding their understanding of LCS with LDCT and their perceptions of their own lung cancer risk. This survey will utilize an existing survey which is being administered in 200 current and former smokers over 40, in order to specifically capture the knowledge of LCS and lung cancer risk perceptions in a sample of quit-line callers.

Dr. Raz’ group is seeking to survey 200 quitline callers over the age of 40 to:
  1. Determine the level of understanding regarding current LCS recommendations among quitline callers.
  2. Determine potential barriers to LCS with LDCT among quit-line callers.
  3. Understand risk perception of lung cancer among quit-line callers.
The survey will be funded through existing research funds. This may be supplemented by a small ($50K) foundation grant. Based on survey results, they plan to apply for a grant to develop and test an educational intervention
Dr. Raz would like to identify interested quitlines by end of 2015. The study would begin in March 2016 and be completed by end of June 2016.
If you are interested in participating, please contact:
Dan Raz, MD
City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital
Cell: 626-678-7701

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