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Compilation of NAQC’s Best Resources in 2017!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

Compilation of NAQC’s Best Resources in 2017!

NAQC staff would like to thankyou for your many contributions to advancing quitlines this year, and for helping us develop important new resources! Your support allows us to create new materials, weigh in on important timely policy changes and be more flexible as an organization in meeting the changing needs of our members. We hope NAQC’s work in the past year has contributed to your success and we look forward to launching great new products in 2018!

Below is a compilation of NAQC’s best resources from this year and some upcoming products and events. You can browse the compilation by selecting one of the topics below:

Best Practices for Quality Improvement
eReferral with Certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
Public-Private Partnerships
Annual Survey & MDS
Member Resources

Best Practices for Quality Improvement

Quitline Services: Current Practice and Evidence Base
The paper is intended for all consortium members and stakeholders who want to expand their knowledge of evidence-based quitline services. It provides scientific guidance for decision making on the types of services to offer.

To supplement the Guide, NAQC has created a Checklist for Reviewing Quitline Services and Activities. The checklist serves as a tool for guiding quitline stakeholders (purchasers, service providers, researchers and health care system leaders) in their efforts to review the quality and value of services they currently provided and to consider offering new evidence-based services.
In 2018, expect to hear from the MDS workgroup on recommended changes to the intake and follow-up questions for the MDS. In addition, the Advisory Council will be overseeing a new best practices guide on calculating the reach of quitlines.

NAQC Conference 2017
NAQC Conference 2017,Advancing Quitline Practice through Innovations and Research, took place on March 20-21 in Austin, Texas. You can access the agenda, speaker bios, and copies of presentations on the 2017 Conference page.
NAQC does not plan to have a conference in 2018, but we hope to host a conference in 2019!

NAQC Annual Webinar Series
The 2017 Webinar Series, focused on promoting and enhancing access to quitline services, especially through partnerships with private insurers.
Webinars in 2017
January 25: Dialogue on Promoting Quitlines: Leveraging the Changing Funding Landscape to Ensure Access to Cessation Treatment
February 28: A Call to Action: How Quitlines Can Address the Needs of the Behavioral Health Population
September 13: Varenicline (Chantix) Clinical Update: Important Information for Quitlines and Quitline Counselors
September 27: Training Webinar for the FY2017 Annual Survey

The 2018 Webinar Series will continue NAQC’s 14-year history of providing a venue for discussing promising and better practices, new research findings, and implementation successes and challenges in order to improve quality and ensure maximum access, use and effectiveness of quitline services.

The 2018 webinar series will:

  • Examine opportunities to increase the reach of quitlines by engaging key partners like Medicaid and health plans,
  • Make recommendations for revisions toNAQC’s Minimal Data Set (MDS); and
  • Share results from the FY 2017 Annual Survey of Quitlines.

The webinar series will kick-off with a two-part webinar in November andJanuary, which will take a deeper look at two priority issues for state quitlines, share innovative efforts among quitlines, and highlight resources available from NAQC.

Thought Papers Regarding the ACA Impact on Quitlines
Over the past six months, staff has developed some thought papers regarding the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on quitlines. Papers were discussed with the Board and Advisory Council as well as disseminated to the membership to gain your feedback. Although the scope of the ACA and its sustainability are dynamic, it is important to begin creating a Consortium-wide consensus on what the ACA means for quitlines in terms of opportunities, challenges, and needed actions. The thought papers explore a few topics we think are especially important for the quitline community.

In 2018, we hope to work with you on some of the next steps described in these papers.


New Medicaid MCO RFP Toolkit
To ensure Medicaid enrollees have access to comprehensive tobacco cessation benefit, including telephone counseling, some state quitlines have worked with their Medicaid agency to include language in the Medicaid MCO RFP that requires coverage for quitline services.
NAQC has developed the following resources to share the work of these states:

  • A Medicaid MCO RFP Toolkit, providing information on key steps in the process of working with a state Medicaid agency and links to existing resources. Click here for the full document.
  • Recommend language for Medicaid MCO RFPs. Click here for the recommended language.

Medicaid Resource Repository
A number of additions have been made throughout the year to the Repository, an electronic collection of state resources in topic areas such as Medicaid 101, promotion of cessation benefits to beneficiaries, and partnering with Medicaid. Be sure to check back frequently to see how the Resource Repository grows and to make your own contributions!

eReferral with Certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

New Report on The Barriers and Challenges of Scaling-up eReferral (2017)
In 2017 members of the eReferral workgroup engaged in a conversation to discuss the core barriers, costs challenges and potential solutions associated with scaling-up eReferral. The Barriers and Challenges of Scaling-up eReferral document provides highlights from these discussions. The tables are segmented by topic area and include specific examples of the challenges faced within that area along with potential solutions that, with the help of NAQC and CDC, could help advance state efforts.

eReferal Implementation Status Update Across U.S.
In August 2017, NAQC reached out to service providers to update the status of eReferral capacity among the state quitlines. The resulting table contains information shared by the 11 services providers that operate the 53 quitlines across the states and territories. NAQC will continue to assess the status of eReferral capacity and update the table to reflect progress made.

Public-Private Partnerships

New Employer Fact Sheet - Staying Competitive in the Marketplace: Helping Employees Become Tobacco Free
This fact sheet is a key resource foreducating employers on thebenefits of providing coverage for tobacco cessation treatment and how cessationcontributes to employee productivity and the overall bottom line for employer. Quitlines are highlighted as an effective cessation resource.

New Template Power Point Presentation - Tobacco Cessation Coverage: Creating a Healthier Workforce and Improving Your Business’s Bottom Line
This power-point presentation is an excellent resources for educating employers on-site about the benefits of providing cessation treatment coverage, including the return-on-investment for quitline services. The power point format allows states to tailor the information to their state andto the individual employer.

NAQC’s Public-Private Partnership Initiative Resource Center
The electronic collection of documents and links offers numerous resources and tools for assessing coverage, educatinginsurers and employers on cessation coverage and developing cost-sharing partnerships, as well as many articles and fact sheets onthe ROI of providing cessation coverage for employees.. Feel free to adapt the materials for use in your state.

The Orientation checklist is located in the Resource Center and guides users
through a self-paced learning process including, webinars focused on the process of partnership development, articles and fact sheets about the different types of insurance plans, cessation policy, insurance industry language and a listing of ROI journal articles and other readings.

Recommended Quitline Service Providers
With the implementation of the ACA, employers, health plans and insurers have been seeking quitline services. In collaboration with the 11 organizations that provide quitline services to states, NAQC has developed alist of recommended quitline service providers. The list is updated periodically.

Annual Survey & MDS

MDS Question Revisions
The MDS workgroup has been working to develop a list of recommended changes to the MDS intake and follow-up questions. NAQC staff has received feedback on the recommendations from the Advisory Council and will be sharing these recommendations with the membership in 2018.

Annual Survey Data
If you are developing a presentation or a report on quitlines and need some national data, here is a great resource for you! Since 2004, NAQC has conducted an annual survey of quitlines in North America. The information collected in the survey advances our understanding of quitline operations and services, and includes detailsabout quitline financing, counseling, medication provision, utilization, staffing and evaluation. Aggregate results are shared with the quitline community and partners each year, and a deck of 100+ PPT slides is available to you online.2016 survey data is now available online ( Findings of the past surveys (along with the questionnaires) can be reviewed in the archives here.

The 2017 survey is currently being fielded and results will be available in spring 2018.

Update to the Quitline Map
The Quitline Map continues to be the most visited and utilized page on the NAQC website. We have made a number of updates to make it even more useful as a resource for marketing your quitline. Below is a listing of the newest features:

  • you can now select text messaging as an offered service under the “services offered” section of the map profile (choices: text msg to cell phone (two-way); text msg to cell phone (one-way))
  • an open text box was added under each section of the map profile so that you may share supplemental information with viewers.
  • "enroll in online cessation services” button was added to simplify the enrollment process in the online services of smokers visiting the map profile.

NAQC makes updates to smoke-free laws and tobacco taxes bi-annually as well as posts benchmarking survey data in the spring. If you have any questions or updates, please contact

Member Resources

Member Directory
Please visit the membership directory page toaccessthe online directory -
Note: Please make sure to keep your membership information current. You can update your information bysigning intoyour NAQC membershipprofile. Contact Natalia Gromov, Administrator, (800-398-5489 ext.701 with anyquestionsor for assistance with making member profile updates.

Have a question for your peers? Post it to the NAQC ListServ to gain feedback from other quitline professionals. Posting a question is easy. Simply send an email to may also access the ListServ archive to review past questions and answers. Additional information about the ListServ is available here.

Orientation/Refresher Sessions for NAQC Members
We offer orientation/refresher webinars to ensure that all NAQC members are familiar with the services offered by NAQC and make the most of their membership! If you or members of your team are new to the field, would like a refresher, or are struggling with an issue, please contact us at, to schedule a session. In the e-mail, please include a few possible dates/times and also include topics of interest you would like us to cover on the call.

Thank you again for your membership! If you have any questions about your membership please contact us atmembership@naquitline.orgor 800-398-5489 ext. 707.

We look forward to another year of moving quitlinesforward!


NAQC Staff

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