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Today is the last day to nominate a candidate for the NAQC Board

Tuesday, February 27, 2018  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

Dear Colleagues,

This is a final call for recommendations on candidates for the NAQC Board. All members and partners are welcome to submit candidates for the NAQC Board. Nominations must be received by Paula Celestino, Chair of the Nomination Committee, c/o  by COB today.

This year, we have vacancies for 3 directors and plan to put forward up to 5 names to the membership for election.  
The NAQC board is responsible for setting strategic direction, connecting with its members and ensuring NAQC’s advancement and sustainability. 
The qualifications for candidates are shown below:

Quitlines are experiencing many changes in the populations served, technology used, service models and approaches to sustainability. NAQC seeks candidates for the board who are innovative “difference makers” and who can help guide us through these changes.
Candidates for the board should have senior level experience, possess leadership skills, be strategic thinkers and display professional and collegial demeanor. Board members do not represent their employer or any specific constituency, but instead work together to create a global vision for NAQC. NAQC follows a policy governance model developed by John Carver which focuses on business issues and strategic leadership (as opposed to program development). We seek candidates with experience in governance. We strive to have a Board that is diverse in terms of geography, race, ethnicity, and other important factors. The board seeks members who are committed to NAQC’s mission and values, contribute diverse viewpoints and cultural experiences, can fulfill fiduciary responsibilities, and have expertise in some of the areas listed below:

  • Understanding sustainability issues for NAQC and for quitlines: Ensuring sustainability of the organization is a key responsibility of the Board. NAQC seeks candidates who offer strategic leadership in fundraising and working with donor and/or grant-making organizations. Ensuring sustainability for quitlines is a key objective for NAQC. Government funding for quitlines and tobacco control programs has been decreasing. NAQC seeks candidates who offer strategic leadership on new approaches to sustainability planning for quitlines, including public-private partnerships and integration of quitlines in health systems.
  • Addressing priority populations: Addressing disparities in health is a key objective for NAQC. We seek candidates with an expertise and background in cultural knowledge and experience in reaching priority populations.
  • Reflecting the members and their interests: The Board represents the members, both in the U.S. and Canada, and their interests. The Board seeks candidates familiar with the interests of quitline funders, operators, promoters, researchers, evaluators and other partners.
  • Relationships with health plans and employers: Engaging private health plans and employers has become an important activity for quitlines. The board would benefit from a member who has relationships in these sectors.
  • Finance: The Board is responsible for financial oversight of the organization, and seeks candidates with expertise in this area. Currently, there are no CPAs or MBAs on the Board.
Board members are elected for three-year terms and can be reelected once (for a total of six years of service). The annual time commitment for board members includes four meetings (1 or 2 in-person meetings for 1.5 days and 2 or 3 conference call meetings), plus meeting preparation time, travel time and 2-10 hours of committee work. We ask directors to support the cost of their travel to Board meetings, if this is an expense their employer will allow.
For each person you would like to recommend, please provide the following information to Paula Celestino, Chair of the Nomination Committee, c/o by Friday, February 23. 
1. Full name, contact information and brief resume for the person; 
2. Your rationale for recommending this person as a candidate; and
3. Confirmation that you have spoken to the person and know that s/he is willing to have her/his name put forward to the Nomination Committee for consideration.

Thank you for your time and effort to participate in this important activity.

Paula Celestino, MPH
Chair, NAQC Nomination Committee

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