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NAQC Newsroom: Research


Tuesday, February 8, 2011  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

KIQNIC (Knowledge Integration in Quitlines: Networks that Improve Cessation) is a five-year research grant from the U.S. National Cancer Institute to the University of Arizona being conducted in partnership with NAQC. The study focuses on how quitline organizations share information, and on discovering what factors come into play when quitlines decide whether or not to implement new practices. Many NAQC members are quite familiar with KIQNIC, having completed the second survey for the research project last summer.

The research team is now well into the analysis of information gathered from the first survey, and has been reviewing findings with the NAQC KIQNIC Workgroup to determine which ones might be most informative and useful for NAQC members.

One of the first things that became obvious when looking at the 2009 survey data is that the NAQC central office plays an overwhelmingly significant role in sharing information across the network of US and Canadian quitline organizations. According to Dr. Keith Provan, who leads the social network analysis component of the research, "What we hadn’t anticipated was finding that there are two distinct sub-networks: one Canadian and one American. In fact, if you remove the NAQC central office from the network, there are very few links between U.S. and Canadian quitline organizations.”

These findings are important ones, according to NAQC President and CEO Linda Bailey, "Seeing evidence that the NAQC office plays such a big role in sharing information across the network is reassuring, because it’s an indicator that the organization is fulfilling one of it’s most important goals. It’s also gratifying to see that NAQC is making a difference by linking the quitline communities in the two countries.” She explained, "Something we hoped KIQNIC would do is identify gaps in the network, so that our members can evaluate them and determine whether or not strategies should be developed to address them.”

A summary of the KIQNIC project and its initial findings will be distributed to members shortly. Future issues of Connections will include highlights from KIQNIC results. Additional information about the project can be found at  

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