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NAQC Newsroom: Tobacco Control

Availability of Communication Products Promoting a Healthy, Smoke-Free 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

To tap into the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions and to encourage smokers to resolve to make 2012 their year to quit, CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) has updated its communication products that focus on the theme "Your Year to Quit” and the tagline "The most important New Year’s resolution you may ever make.”

Please use these products to reach smokers in your community or constituency. Also, please share this E-mail with others so that they, too, may use the products in their efforts.

Products Available

· Feature Article

This article a) encourages smokers to make a New Year’s resolution to quit and enlist support from family and friends and b) provides links to information and resources to increase quitting success.

· e-Card

This animated e-card encourages smokers to make a New Year’s resolution to quit.

· Button

States and partners can upload this button to their Web sites to help promote the New Year’s cessation message and to link users to related content on CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site.

Related Products

· Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC) Savings Available for You

As a friendly reminder, grantees are encouraged to take advantage of MCRC ads that currently are in cycle, many of which promote cessation. Doing so can save thousands of dollars in production costs and talent fees.

Spread the Word

OSH also hopes that you will use the following Web-based and social media materials to get the word out about these new products and to stay informed throughout the year.

· Twitter

Follow CDC Tobacco Free on Twitter retweet key messages related to these new products.

· Facebook

Become fans of CDC’s Facebook page at

· Widget

Tell others about OSH’s posting on CDC’s Everyday Health Widget at


Subscribe to CDC’s Smoking and Tobacco Use main feed at to receive updates of new and recently changed content from CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site on your browser or desktop.

· Text Messages

Subscribe to CDC’s Text Message service to receive regular text messages about a variety of health topics tailored to your interests, such as OSH’s New Year’s message that encourages people to enjoy a smoke-free 2012. For more information about CDC’s Text Messages, go to

· Web site

Continue to access CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site for helpful resources and the latest information.

Source: CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health

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