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NAQC Newsroom: Research

KIQNIC Research Shows Consensus-Based Decision-Making Associated with Adoption of Quitline Practices

Wednesday, January 11, 2012  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

In a paper about to be published in the journal Health Communication, KIQNIC researchers examine how quitlines decide to adopt smoking cessation practices. Based on models of small-group decision-making, the researchers hypothesized that the process a given quitline uses to adopt cessation practices is related to the types of constraints (i.e., contextual factors) that quitlines typically face.

The researchers looked at two types of constraints: internal and external. Internal constraints are related to procedures, beliefs, and other issues that are particular to, and to a certain extent are under the direct control of, a quitline. External constraints influence a quitline from without (e.g., budgets, precedents set by other quitlines, etc.). The researchers hypothesized that internal constraints result in consensus-style decision-making, whereas external constraints lead to decisions made by one person.

Their analysis of decision-making data collected from NAQC members through the annual KIQNIC survey indicate that, as expected, internal constraints are positively associated with consensus processes, and that adoption of practices in general was more likely if consensus processes were used. Unilateral decision-making (one person within an organization making decisions for the quitline on his/her own) was unrelated to either internal or external constraints, and was negatively associated with adoption of quitline practices.

If you have any questions about this publication or any other aspect of the KIQNIC research project, or if you would like to volunteer on the NAQC KIQNIC Workgroup, please contact Jessie Saul at Additional information about KIQNIC is available at

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