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Medicaid Coverage


NAQC is pleased to announce two new resources to guide state efforts to secure Medicaid administrative match for quitline services:

ADVICE TO GUIDE YOU: Building a Strong Memorandum of Understanding to Secure Medicaid Administrative Match for Quitline Services

ADVICE TO GUIDE YOU: Building a Strong Cost Allocation Plan Amendment for Medicaid Administrative Match for Quitline Services


Medicaid Resource Repository: an electronic collection of documents and links on topic areas such as Medicaid 101, promotion of cessation benefits to beneficiaries, and partnering with Medicaid.

Survey of State Quitline Efforts to Build Relationships and Cost-Sharing Strategies with State Medicaid Agencies: Current Landscape and Critical Questions for the Work Ahead (September 2015). This report describes state quitlines’ progress in building cost-sharing agreements with Medicaid, examining the provision of quitline services to Medicaid members, the degree to which states are taking advantage of Federal Financial Participation (FFP) and other cost-sharing strategies to serve this important population, and the successes and challenges encountered in efforts to increase and improve tobacco treatment for Medicaid members. The online survey and follow-up interviews were conducted in spring 2015. Critical questions are identified for the work ahead.

Efforts to Claim Federal Financial Participation for Quitline Administrative Expenditures: A Review of the Landscape, December 2011: a NAQC report highlighting results from an assessment of states’ Medicaid-related efforts. The report includes details on state strategies, current challenges and links to helpful resources.

A Case Study to Support Gaining Federal Medicaid Match for State Tobacco Cessation Quitlines: Maryland
With the goal to inspire, support, encourage and direct states in their cost-sharing efforts, this resource offers quick-to-read yet detailed guidance from one successful state, with broader lessons learned through NAQC’s Medicaid Learning Community woven throughout. Important things to consider before moving forward in partnership with Medicaid are highlighted, as well as building blocks for success.

Roundtable Meeting Reports:
How can we most effectively maximize the impact of the Affordable Care Act on access to, and coverage of, tobacco cessation for Medicaid enrollees? 
Medicaid Administrative Match for Quitline Services: A Worthwhile Endeavor?
Medicaid Managed Care and Comprehensive Cessation Coverage: A Recommended Approach for State Tobacco Control Programs?


Learning More About Infrastructure, Lingo and Coverage and Why it Matters
Seminar Agenda
Slides: Maryland
Slides: Kaiser Commission
Seminar Summary
Seminar Recording

Learning More About Medicaid Reimbursement for Tobacco Cessation Quitline Activities. Part One in a Series of Webinars Dedicated to Tobacco Cessation Services for Medicaid Beneficiaries.
Presentation Documents
Webinar Q&A

Celebrating Two Years of the Medicaid Quitline Guideline


Please forward questions related to Medicaid or resources you would like to share with others to NAQC staff at


On June 24, 2011 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a series of changes to their coverage for tobacco cessation services and identified ways states can elect to expand coverage. This important announcement:

1. Reminded States that their Medicaid programs must fully cover, without cost-sharing, comprehensive tobacco cessation services for pregnant women and amendments to their Medicaid State plans must be amended to implement the new benefit requirement.
2. Described the multiple optional Medicaid benefit categories States may rely on to provide pharmacotherapy and counseling to non-pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries.
3. Explained that CMS will regard tobacco quitlines as an allowable Medicaid administrative activity which can be claimed at the 50 percent administrative match rate.
4. Encouraged States to actively promote the availability of tobacco cessation benefits to Medicaid beneficiaries and to providers.

Below are documents and resources that may serve as useful background as states move forward in their work with Medicaid.

Final CMS Announcement, June 24, 2011
Medicaid Toolbox, July 2010
NAQC's Letter to CMS, July 2010
Letter Thanking CMS for Medicaid Quitline Changes, September 2011
PFP/ALA Report, Help People on Medicaid Quit Tobacco
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