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Compilation of key resources from NAQC for Members

Monday, November 2, 2015  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov
Thank you NAQC members!
Thank you to the organizations and individuals who renewed their NAQC membership or joined as new members this year!  Your membership dues allow us to provide resources, address important new legislative and policy changes and be more flexible as an organization in meeting changing member needs and requests. We hope NAQC’s work in the past year has contributed to your success and we look forward to launching great new products and membership benefits this coming year!  
Below is a compilation of key products and resources that we completed in the past year. You can browse the compilation by selecting one of the topics below:

eReferral with Certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
Public-Private Partnerships
Annual Survey & MDS
Best Practices for Quality Improvement
Member  Resources

NAQC Products & Resources

Survey of State Quitline Efforts to Build Relationships and Cost-Sharing Strategies with State Medicaid Agencies: Current Landscape and Critical Questions for the Work Ahead (September 2015)
This  report describes state quitlines’ progress in building cost-sharing agreements with Medicaid, examining the provision of quitline services to Medicaid members, the degree to which states are taking advantage of Federal Financial Participation (FFP) and other cost-sharing strategies to serve this important population, and the successes and challenges encountered in efforts to increase and improve tobacco treatment for Medicaid members. Critical questions are identified for the work ahead.

Online Medicaid Toolbox (September 2015)
The Toolbox provides building blocks for advancing your work with Medicaid! Each building block represents a specific type of activity or stage of action to advance quitlines’ activities with Medicaid and to improve the access of Medicaid members to cessation services.
eReferral with Certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
Guide for Implementing eReferral Using Certified EHRs (September 2015)
This guide is a resource for quitlines and other cessation services that would like to establish referral systems with healthcare electronic health record  (EHR) systems. It provides recommended standards for implementing eReferral in a straightforward and efficient way.

State Case Studies & Resources
NAQC has made available  ten reports that describe the progress made by five states, their service providers, healthcare institutions and EHR vendors.

Webinar Training Series
Please make sure to attend the new Webinar Training Series on eReferral. This webinar training series is intended to provide practical training on building eReferral capacity.  
Public-Private Partnerships
New Resources
The NAQC public-private partnership initiative, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strives to provide states with the knowledge, resources, and technical assistance to successfully establish partnerships with both private and public insurers. Ultimately, partnerships with insurance  providers  lead to insurers contracting for quitline services, as well as, providing  comprehensive cessation coverage for their members. The initiative launched December 2011, providing all NAQC members with access to information through a 3-part "Building Public-Private Partnerships” webinar series and resources and tools available on the NAQC website. Please make sure to visit the Resource Center as well as review the new orientation checklist (a training guide for staff interested in pursuing public-private partnerships to sustain and increase access to state quitline services).
Annual Survey & MDS
New MDS Questions on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) (September 2015)
NAQC asks quitlines to  incorporate the STANDARD MDS Intake and Follow-up questions on ENDS, as well as any OPTIONAL questions the quitline may choose, beginning January 1, 2016. This will ensure that quitline evaluations begun after January 2016 will include questions necessary for calculating the new NAQC quit rates.

Annual Survey Data
Since 2004, NAQC has conducted an annual survey of quitlines in North America. The information collected in the survey advances our understanding of quitline operations and services. By sharing information about quitline financing, counseling interventions, medication provision, utilization, staffing and evaluation, quitlines contribute greatly to the field. Aggregate results are shared with the quitline community and partners and help achieve NAQC's mission of monitoring overall progress of quitlines and promoting evidence based quitline services across diverse communities in North America. 2015 survey data will be available in early 2016. Findings of the past surveys can be reviewed in the archives.
Best Practices for Quality Improvement
Calculating Quit Rates, 2015 Update (Including Implementation Guide)
The  stand-alone paper addresses three topics noti included in the original 2009 paper – new technological mediums for delivering cessation services, the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), and strategies for increasing response rates to follow-up surveys.  While randomized controlled trials have established the efficacy of quitlines, quit rates can assess the effectiveness of quitlines in real-world settings, under certain conditions or with different populations. NAQC asks all quitlines to begin using the new standard calculations for evaluation activities that begin after January 1, 2016.

Quitline Services for Pregnant and Postpartum Women: Learning from Current Literature and Practice(December 2014)
This issue paper reviews current service offerings for the three largest quitline service providers and reports on their protocols and strategies to promote engagement and retention of pregnant callers, including using a dedicated coach, incentives for attending counseling sessions, using text messaging to reach clients, engaging partners or spouses, and sending correspondence or reminders about quitline support. A literature review is also included.

Cessation Treatment and E-Cigarettes: A Report on Current Literature and Quitline Practices(November 2014)
In the absence of definitive research findings and lacking clinical guidelines, NAQC has synthesized the relevant literature and current quitline practices regarding e-cigarettes to share with the cessation and larger tobacco control communities.

Integration of Tobacco Cessation Medications in State and Provincial Quitlines: A Review of the Evidence and the Practice with Recommendations (2014 Update)
The purpose of this NAQC Quality Improvement  Paper is to provide an update on the comprehensive review of the literature and practice related to the integration of tobacco cessation medications and quitline services that reflects additions to the evidence base and improvements in practice since the first publication in 2009.

Quitlines in the U.S.: An Exploration of the Past and Considerations for the Future(2014)
This paper outlines the current status of state quitlines and describes how, as a result of an extremely dynamic political and funding landscape and the opportunity of the Affordable Care Act, quitlines should move forward to improve efficiency and become leverage points for broader cessation initiatives with new and existing partners. The paper illuminates best and promising practices for integrating quitlines into the broader healthcare landscape and informs decisions on strategic planning, determining specific goals and objectives of a state quitline and sustainability planning for the future.

NAQC Conference 2015
Nearly 200 quitline professionals attended the 2015 Conference, The Future of Quitlines: Refining and Redefining Our Practices for Success! which took place on August 17thand 18thin Atlanta, Georgia.  The agenda and presentations from all plenary and breakout sessions are available on the website..

NAQC Annual Webinar Series
The 2016 Webinar Series will begin in November, continuing NAQC’s 12-year history of providing a venue for discussing promising and better practices, new research findings, and implementation successes and challenges in order to improve quality, increase understanding of the evidence base, and ensure maximized access, use and effectiveness of quitline services. Please look for more details about upcoming topics to come and make sure to review all archived webinars including slides and recordings.
Member Resources
Member Directory
Please visit the membership directory page to access the online directory
Note: Please make sure to keep your membership information current. You can update your information by signing into your NAQC membership profile. Contact  Natalia Gromov, Administrator, (800-398-5489 ext 701 or with any questions or for assistance with making member profile updates.

Have a question for your peers? Post it to the NAQC list serv to gain feedback from other quitline professionals. Posting a question is easy…. Simply send an email to Information about the listserv is available here. 

Thank you again for your membership!  If you have any questions about your membership please contact us at or 800-398-5489 ext 707. 

We look forward to another year of moving quitlines forward!  

NAQC Staff

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