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Resource Center

Welcome to NAQC’s Public-Private Partnership Initiative Resource Center. This electronic collection of articles, webinars, documents and links includes materials developed by NAQC and states involved in the Public-Private Partnership Initiative. Feel free to adapt the materials for use in your state.

Be sure to check back frequently to see what new resources have been added to the Center.

Feel free to make your own contributions! To contribute a resource to the Public-Private Partnership Section or if you have any questions regarding the materials listed, please contact Tracey Strader at

Phase I: Resources

Recommended Reading

Cessation Coverage Assessment Tools

Phase II: Resources

Phase III: Resources

Case Study Series: Development of Medicaid Cost-sharing Partnerships

To ensure Medicaid enrollees have access to comprehensive tobacco cessation benefits, including telephone counseling, states have employed various approaches to collaborating with their state Medicaid agency.  Approaches used by Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina to develop cost-sharing partnerships with Medicaid are highlighted in individual state case studies. 

Case Studies:

Maryland Case Study

North Carolina Case Study
South Carolina Case Study

Case Study Series: Changing Quitline Eligibility Criteria
CDC recommends that states revisit their quitline eligibility criteria and service offerings in light of the ACA requirement that health insurance plans cover cessation treatment for their members.  Consistent with CDC Best Practices, North Carolina, South Carolina and Utah changed eligibility criteria to ensure more robust quitline services are available to populations with little or no access to other cessation treatment services.

Case Studies:
North Carolina Case Study
South Carolina Case Study
Utah Case Study

Cessation Coverage Legislation

Kentucky Cessation Coverage Legislation

Employer Partnerships
“A Guide for Working with Employers to Provide Tobacco Cessation Coverage and Purchase Quitline Services” provides information and easy-to-access resources to state health departments and their partners who are interested in improving cessation coverage and utilization of the quitlines among employers in their states.  This guide includes an overview of the types of employers and other groups who purchase health benefits for employees and outlines the key processes that need to occur to successfully build cost-sharing partnerships with employers to improve cessation coverage and utilization of quitlines for treatment services.

NAQC Employer ROI and Educational  Resource Templates
As a major purchaser of health insurance plans, employers determine whether their employees have access to tobacco cessation treatment benefits. To assist states in educating employers on the benefits of providing cessation treatment coverage,  NAQC has developed a power point presentation and a number of fact sheets in a template format. The template allows states to tailor the fact sheet with the state’s logo, quitline information and other state specific information.

State Employer Educational Materials

Quitline/ROI Fact Sheets/Power Point Presentations
NAQC and states participating in the NAQC Public-Private Partnership Initiative have developed quitline and ROI educational materials and power point presentations to promote the cost-effectiveness of  tobacco cessation treatment to employers and insurers.

Quitline Fact Sheet:  Staying Competitive in the Marketplace: Helping Employees Become Tobacco Free


              North Carolina


Return on Investments - Research Articles and Resources



Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Coverage Fact Sheets and Guidance Document

Quitline Vendors

With the implementation of the ACA, many states are receiving requests for quitline services from individual employers and health plans. A  list of quitline vendors and their services was compiled to assist states in their cost-sharing partnership work. The list can be particularly helpful to states who are unable to promote one specific quitlline.

Archived Public-Private Partnership(PPP) Discussion Group Calls and Webinars  

PPP Discussion Group Call - The Evolving Cessation Evidence Base: Implications for Our Practice, Our Policies and Our Reach

This discussion focused on states’ successes and challenges of building internal support for public-private partnership efforts and contracting with experts in the field, dedicating FTE or utilizing interns to help advance the work. The discussion kicked-off with Arizona, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina sharing their experiences followed by other Initiative states sharing their experiences.

Agenda, objectives, presentation recordingand slides are available here (this page is accessible by members only). 

Discussion Group Call - Expanding Cessation Coverage and Supporting State Quitline Capacity: 2014 CDC Best Practices Recommendations  

After participating in this discussion listeners were able to:

  • Identify ways 2014 Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control recommendations can support a state’s public-partnership cost-sharing efforts.
  • Identify different approaches to working with employers, public and private insurers.
  • Identify ways to offer quitline services to populations with the highest needs. 

Agenda, objectives, presentation recordingand slides are available here (this page is accessible by members only). 

Discussion Group Call - Expanding Cessation Coverage and Supporting State Quitline Capacity: Engaging Brokers and Leveraging the HHS Guidelines and Premium Differentials

  • Participants gained an understanding of how brokers and their professional associations can assist in promoting comprehensive cessation coverage among employers. 
  • Participants were able to identify resources for educating employers and brokers on comprehensive cessation coverage.
  • Participants gained an understanding of how to leverage the premium differential  and HHS guidelines in promoting the cost-sharing of quitline services among private payers. 

Agenda, objectives, presentation recordingand slides are available here (this page is accessible by members only). 

Educational Webinars
PPP Webinar: Tobacco Cessation Coverage: Strategies to Engage Employers

Tobacco cessation treatment is the single most cost-effective health benefit an employer can provide to its employees. The CDC estimates that companies spend $3,856 per smoker per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity. A growing number of employers across the country have committed to providing evidence-based cessation treatment for their employees through the use of quitlines. Participants were able to learn first-hand from an employer, health insurer and insurance broker about how they implemented and benefited from offering cessation coverage while also meeting the Affordable Care Act requirements. 

Agenda, objectives, presentation recordingand slides are available here (this page is accessible by members only). 

PPP Webinar - States Advance Quitline Sustainability
As participants of the NAQC public-private partnership initiative, eleven states have worked for over two years to expand tobacco cessation coverage and sustainability of their state quitlines. This webinar presentation provided a snapshot of the different foci and strategies employed by five states.  North Carolina shared their strategies for engaging a county government, a not-for-profit and a large health plan in contracting for quitline services.  Massachusetts presented on how they leveraged  disparities among cessation coverage to improve coverage for all state employees.  Kentucky shared how they expanded access to NRT through employer contracts with the quitline vendor  and  their  long-term strategy for  cost-sharing quitline services.  Arizona shared how they dedicated staff for their partnership efforts and the focus of staff’s work. And, Texas shared their experience  working with the state’s Business Group on Health and  collaborations with Community Programs. 

Agenda, objectives, presentation recordingand slides are available here (this page is accessible by members only). 

Engaging Health Plans and Employers in Purchasing Quitline Services and Improving Access
This webinar addressed the goals outlines in NAQC’s paper on 
 Engaging Health Plans and Employers in Purchasing Quitline Services. Participants learned about ways states have used legislation, quitline eligibility requirements and engagement strategies to improve access to cessation services, including access to quitline services for public and private health plans. Participants will also learned about resources developed by NAQC and states.
North Carolina Quitline Partnership Plan 2016
Kentucky Cessation Coverage Legislation
Utah Health Plan Assessment:
-Utah Health Plan Survey Cover Letter
-Utah Health Plan Survey Follow-up Correspondence

Agenda, objectives, presentation recording and slides are available here (this page is accessible by members only). 

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