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NAQC Newsroom: Announcements

CDC's Announcement on 2019 Year of Cessation

Wednesday, January 2, 2019  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! Over the past decade, quitlines have played a key role in helping smokers quit. Here is the U.S., state quitlines have received about 1 million calls each year and have provided evidence-based cessation services to nearly half a million smokers annually. In 2019, we have an opportunity to do even more to help smokers quit by partnering with CDC, other national organizations as well as local organizations in activities that support 2019 as the Year of Cessation.

The communication below describes the CDC/Office on Smoking and Health’s plan for the Year of Cessation and provides resources for you. NAQC will keep you updated on news and opportunities related to the Year of Cessation. I hope this information is helpful to your partnership efforts!

Best wishes for the New Year,

Linda Bailey
President and CEO
North American Quitline Consortium

Dear Colleagues:

Happy 2019!

The New Year is a pivotal moment for many. It’s a time when we often pause and take stock—thinking back on all that has happened within the past year and looking forward to what lies ahead in the coming 12 months. The New Year is also an important time for people who smoke and are interested in starting a healthier lifestyle by resolving to quit. With this in mind, it’s fitting that we, at CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH), have designated 2019 the Year of Cessation. During this time, we will prominently feature our cessation work as an integral part of our tobacco prevention and control portfolio.

Across the United States, 34 million adults continue to smoke cigarettes. About two out of every three of them want to quit and more than half will try to quit each year. We know that quitting can be difficult.  However, we also know that, if we come together and  double down on our efforts, we can help people who smoke make 2019 the year they quit—and quit for good.

Cessation matters, now as much as ever. A changing environment demands innovation to expand and improve efforts that help people quit as part of a comprehensive approach to prevent and reduce tobacco use. This includes leveraging emerging technology to deliver cessation interventions and to connect people with free cessation services, reaching the populations most severely impacted by tobacco use, working with a broad array of providers to routinely treat nicotine dependence, and ensuring that people who smoke have supportive environments—both clinical and nonclinical—that reinforce successful quitting.

The year ahead offers unique opportunities to leverage landmark events that will highlight the importance of cessation. These events include the release of the first cessation-focused Surgeon General’s Report in almost 30 years, and the 15th anniversary of the National Network of Quitlines. OSH is proud to be a part of and excited to promote these events as a part of the Year of Cessation.

From beginning to end, the Year of Cessation emphasizes efforts to help people who smoke quit. Each quarter will focus on different themes related to smoking cessation. Our hope is that this will provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to coalesce around key events and activities. 

For the first quarter, our focus is to encourage quit attempts among people who smoke. The second quarter will focus on how smoking cessation improves health conditions and how to better integrate cessation strategies into health systems that treat smoking-related disease. The third quarter will focus on quitlines and other cessation interventions and will highlight approaches to better integrate cessation into broader tobacco control policy work.  Finally, the last quarter will focus on reinforcing the efforts of clinicians who are on the front lines of treating nicotine dependence and on helping smokers use cessation medications more effectively.

Information about our designated themes throughout the Year of Cessation and how this work fits within the context of OSH’s overarching portfolio can be found on our website in the Partnership and Actions section. Additionally, at the beginning of each quarter, I will share updates on our progress and plans.

The strategic focus and activities of the Year of Cessation have been informed by the thoughtful input many of you provided over the past year. OSH looks forward to partnering with you on impactful cessation-related activities throughout 2019 and beyond.

In kicking off the Year of Cessation, we hope you will share this letter and the resources below with your constituents so they, too, can join us in our efforts to help smokers quit for good. 

Other things you can do to help us kick off the Year of Cessation include:

Share the CDC Feature Article with your constituents: Your Year to Quit Smoking
This article:

  • Encourages people who smoke to make 2019 the year they quit for good.
  • Promotes tools and resources to help them if they need it.
  • Shares the story of James, one of CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers® campaign participants.
    • In the video “No, I Won’t Buy You Smokes,” James shares how a conversation with this roommate helped reinforce his decision to be smokefree. Feel free to use text from the feature in cessation-focused web copy and newsletters to stakeholders.

Follow us on Social Media

  • In order to take advantage of all the activities we have on our social media profiles, you can like and follow @CDCTobaccoFree on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the Smoking & Tobacco Use playlist on YouTube.
  • If you opt in, you can receive and share status updates and profile updates as they are posted.
  • Don’t forget to like and share the New Year’s story on Instagram, which reassures those trying to quit smoking that quitting is possible.

Use these sharable social media messages and attached images to help promote the CDC feature.

  • Facebook: The New Year is the perfect time to develop a plan to quit smoking. Build your quit plan today to stay smokefree.
  • Twitter: Every day is a new opportunity to start your journey towards a smokefree life! Make 2019 your year to quit smoking!
As we kick off the Year of Cessation I want to thank you, in advance, for your shared passion, commitment, and your collaboration.

Warm Regards,
Corinne Graffunder, Director, Office on Smoking and Health

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