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NAQC’s Top Five Resources from 2018 and Top 5 Activities in 2019!

Monday, March 25, 2019  
Posted by: Natalia Gromov

NAQC staff would like to thank you for renewing your membership in NAQC or joining us as a new member this year! We hope NAQC’s work has contributed to your success and we look forward to launching great new products in 2019!  
March 2019 marks NAQC’s 15 anniversary as a consortium. Below are links to what we consider to be the top 5 resources from 2018, top 5 activities in 2019 and the top 5 webpages and web features you should know about!





Adoption of Recommended Best Practices among State Quitlines (August 2018)
In 2018 NAQC assessed the adoption of 21 recommended best practices among state quitlines. The full report provides an overview of the 21 recommended best practices, the adoption rate for each best practice, as well as information on facilitators or barriers to adoption as reported by state quitlines. The intent of this report is to inform the quitline community about the current landscape for adopting recommended best practices that impact the advancement of state quitlines and their ability to increase reach and improve cessation outcomes for quitline callers.  Click here to access the report.
A Guide for Working with Employers to Provide Tobacco Cessation Coverage and Purchase Quitline Services (September 2018)
This guide provides information and easy-to-access resources to state health departments and their partners who are interested in improving cessation coverage and utilization of the quitlines among employers in their states. It includes an overview of the types of employers and other groups who purchase health benefits for employees and outlines the key processes that need to occur to successfully build cost-sharing partnerships with employers to improve cessation coverage and utilization of quitlines for treatment services. Click here to access the guide.

Medicaid: NAQC Guidance for State Quitlines (January 2018)
This document was created to describe the various mechanisms state quitlines can use to collaborate with state Medicaid agencies to improve cessation coverage for Medicaid enrollees, including access to state quitline services. Click here to access the document.

Will HUD’s Smoke-free Rule Motivate Residents to Quit? Measuring the Number of Public Housing Residents Who Receive Quitline Services (July 2018)
This 2018 report provides an overview of the standard intake question to assess the number of callers to state quitlines that reside in public housing. The report includes NAQC’s new time-limited optional intake question, survey information on states that have adopted or intend to adopt the question, and information from 29 states on their activities to support implementation of HUD’s new smokefree rule. Finally, the report features relevant resources from CDC, HUD, and NAQC. Click here to access the report.
eReferal Implementation Status Update Across U.S. (September 2018)
Currently (see table), 25 state quitlines had fully implemented eReferral with at least one healthcare partner; most of those state quitlines are working with multiple health care organizations and hospitals. In addition, 6 state quitlines were actively working to implement eReferral but have not yet completed the work, and 21 quitlines had not yet embarked on the process of implementing eReferral. To learn more about implementing eReferral please see NAQC’s 2015 Guide for Implementing eReferral with Certified EHRs. To learn more about the challenges and solutions to scaling-up implementation of eReferral please see NAQC’s 2017 Barriers and Challenges to Scaling-up eReferral.
NAQC Annual Webinar Series
In recognition of 2019 as the Year of Cessation, this year’s webinar series will highlight ways in which the quitline community is increasing reach, quit attempts and knowledge of technology to encourage smokers to quit.  Proposed webinar topics and dates are below - more details will be announced about each topic via NAQC e-communication. 
Webinar #1:  How Quitlines are Increasing Access to Cessation Service Among PHA Residents through Collaborations with PHAs and CHCs – February 2019
Webinar #2:  Online Promotion: Current Practice and Possibilities for Increasing Reach – March 2019
Webinar #3: Media Flight Schedules and Seasonality in Relation to Quitline Call Volume – April 2019
Webinar #4: Using Triage Systems to Improve Access to Cessation Services – June 2019
Webinar #5: Improving Quitline Reach for Priority Populations – September 2019

You can learn more about the series here

MDS Revisions

In February 2019, NAQC released  “The Minimal Data Set (MDS): A Summary of Recommended Revisions and a Request for Comments”. This summary report is designed to provide NAQC members with a concise view of recommendations for changes to the MDS intake and follow-up questionnaires based on the findings and recommendations of the MDS review workgroup, and consultations with NAQC’s Advisory Council and external subject-matter experts.

NAQC seeks your comments on the recommendations for making changes to the MDS by April 15, 2019. For more details about the feedback process please click here.

Pre-NCTOH Workshops
NAQC will host two concurrent pre-NCTOH workshops on Monday, August 26th, in Minneapolis, MN. We hope you will save-the date! This will be a great opportunity to share your experiences, learn from peers, and celebrate our successes! 

  • The first workshop will focus on best practices for quitline funders who manage and oversee their state quitlines, offering advice as well as opportunities to share your knowledge on a variety of topics such as updating your RFP, decision-making on quitline services (including online services), improving reach, improving quit rates, and partnering with health plans and insurers. 
  • The second workshop will highlight ways quitlines can improve reach and treatment for priority populations.

The registration will open in April and you can learn more about the workshops here

Discussion Group on Public Private Partnerships Including Medicaid
In 2018, NAQC’s Medicaid discussion group was merged with NAQC’s Public Private Partnerships discussion group. States interested in learning more about how to partner with their state Medicaid agency to improve access to cessation services and reduce barriers for Medicaid enrollees are encouraged to reach out to Deb Osborne at

Orientation/Refresher Sessions for NAQC Members
We offer orientation/refresher webinars to ensure that all NAQC members are familiar with the services offered by NAQC and make the most of their membership! Many members have participated in the calls. If you and your team would like to schedule a webinar to learn more about NAQC or focus on a new priority program for your quitline, please contact us at,

Map of State and Provincial Quitlines
To learn about the quitline services in any state or province, visit the quitline map profiles and then click on the state or province. The Quitline Map continues to be the most visited and utilized page on the NAQC website. We have made a number of updates to make it even more useful as a resource for marketing your quitline. Below is a reminder of the several profile features:

  • an open text box was added under each section of the map profile that can be used to share supplemental information with viewers.
  • "enroll in online cessation services” button was added to simplify the enrollment process in the online services of smokers visiting the map profile.
NAQC makes updates to smoke-free laws and tobacco taxes bi-annually as well as posts benchmarking survey data in the spring. If you have any questions or updates, please contact
Annual Survey (2006-present)
Since 2006 NAQC has conducted an annual survey of state quitlines to gather data on quitline budgets, funding, services, utilization, demographics of quitline participants and outcomes. The FY2017 annual survey was fielded October – December 2017 and data were shared with NAQC members on May 16, 2018. Please visit the Annual Survey page on NAQC’s website to access a recording of the presentation and the related slides.

The FY2018 annual survey was fielded in October – December 2018. NAQC plans to present the data to NAQC members in Spring 2019. Stay tuned for more information on the date and time!
Recommended Quitline Service Providers
Employers, health plans and insurers have been seeking high quality quitline services. In collaboration with the 12 organizations that provide quitline services to states, NAQC has developed a  list of recommended quitline service providers. Please share the list with your state partners! This list is updated periodically.  Also, see NAQC’s list of service providers to learn which states each one serves.

Peer-to-Peer Communications through the ListServ and Membership Directory
Have a question for your peers? Post it to the NAQC ListServ to gain feedback from other quitline professionals. Posting a question is easy. Simply send an email to You may also access the ListServ archive to review past questions and answers. Additional information about the ListServ is available here.

Please visit the membership directory page to access the online directory. Note: Please make sure to keep your membership information current. You can update your information by signing into your NAQC membership profile. Contact Natalia Gromov, Administrator, (800-398-5489 ext.  701 or with any questions or for assistance with making member profile updates.
Website Search Feature
The easiest way to find a resource/upcoming webinar/research article on the NAQC website is by using a site search feature located on the top left corner of the NAQC website. Simply type in the keyword into the search field and click on “search”. You will be provided with a list of all records featuring that keyword on the NAQC website sorted by relevance.
Thank you again for your membership!  If you have any questions about your membership please contact us at or 800-398-5489 ext. 707. 

We look forward to another year of moving quitlines forward!  

NAQC Staff

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