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The Global Quitline Network

From December 15, 2011 until May 31, 2013 (the website was maintained until June 20, 2015), the North American Quitline Consortium (NAQC) developed and implemented a pilot project dedicated to supporting nations with new and developing quitlines. The Global Quitline Network’s (GQN) mission was to support implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control cessation-related obligations, thus improving the global infrastructure for delivery of high quality cessation services to those who want to quit tobacco. GQN’s work was focused on improving the quality of quitline services through peer-to-peer e-networking and problem-solving and ensuring access to critical evidence, tools, resources and information.

GQN was led by NAQC with guidance from advisors that include the European Network of Quitlines, Asian Pacific Quitline Network, Global Bridges, Hollings Cancer Center and Alere Wellbeing. More than 50 countries currently have at least one national toll-free quitline with a live person available to provide cessation assistance to some or all of the population. However, there are marked differences in capacity, infrastructure and quality of services provided among high-, medium-, and low-income countries and very few recommended standards for protocols, procedures, operations and evaluation. Building relationships with healthcare delivery systems to improve reach and access, determining effective methods to create demand for cessation services and promote the quitline and developing service model offerings are three of the most important tasks ahead for countries with new and developing quitlines. GQN has worked to provide guidance on these and other quality-related issues.

NAQC is pleased to invite GQN participants to become members of Global Bridges, an important partner in advancing tobacco dependence treatment worldwide. Through its website and user-submitted resources, Global Bridges connects and mobilizes health care professionals and organizations dedicated to advancing effective tobacco dependence treatment and to advocating for proven tobacco control policies. For more information and to become a member of the Global Bridges network, visit

We also want to make sure you are aware of
The International Quitline Institute (IQI)  which provides a unique opportunity to network with quitline experts and peers from around the world with special attention to requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Article 14 and the MPOWER package.

IQI’s goal is to reduce the toll of the global tobacco epidemic by increasing access to, and utilization of, evidence-based tobacco cessation resources, with a focus on maximizing reach and effectiveness of treatment for smokers in low- and middle-income countries with a high prevalence of tobacco use and tobacco-related disease. IQI offers international training programs, and provides education, technical assistance, and other resources for tobacco quitline development, improvement, and integration with health care systems and overall tobacco control activities. IQI has provided training to many countries, including quitline counselor training for Uruguay and China. To learn more about IQI please visit their website -

We hope to continue this work in the future and until then, many thanks to our dedicated GQN participants who, over the past years, have shared their wisdom and experience in hopes of strengthening quitlines around the world.

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