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Research Projects
This section includes information about the Knowledge Integration in Quitline Networks that Improve Cessation (KIQNIC) project and links to a page developed specifically for researchers and students. Ongoing research projects will be added in the future.
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Research Projects

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Moving Quitline Research Forward: Resources  Link Administration 11/10/2012
Draft Research Agenda for Quitlines Link Administration 11/10/2012
Guide on Quitlines and Research Link  more ] Administration 11/10/2012
Implications for NA of Recent Study on NRT and QL Link Administration 11/10/2012
For Researchers and Students (NAQC Web page)  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Ongoing Research Projecs (NAQC Web page)  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
2009 NAQC Annual Conference presentation - KIQNIC  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
KIQNIC Theoretical and concep. project frameworkr Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
KIQNIC Executive summary & glossary  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Description of KIQNIC research project  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Knowledge Integration in Quitlines-KIQNIC Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Guide on Quitlines and Research  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Evidence for Quitline Practices by Category  Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
Evidence for Quitline Practices  Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2012
Knowledge Integration in Quitline Networks-KIQNIC Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2012
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